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The new season of Endurance Inside's Championship is about to begin and World Connect Competition obtained a permission to participate by successfully meeting the requirements of the first test race. The first of six rounds will take place at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca - Monterey USA and will feature a 8 hours race. The Team is ready and looking forward to pick up the competition on Saturday, 13th of October at 15:00 GMT+1. Do not miss it!

The third and final round of the Endurance Inside Inter- continental Cup 2012 took place at Magnificent Park, a track well known for its relatively high difficulty. It was World Connect Competition's first visit to Magnificent Park and was to be their longest race to date, a non-stop 24 hours event, and usually such events come with a series of unique demands.

Not only had the small Team to overcome a series of long training sessions, combined with developing a balanced race setup, but also did they had to find a proper pit stop strategy with a driver schedule to optimize performance.

Although qualification didn’t go too well, World Connect Competition was able to climb up to a surprisingly solid third position in GT2 class during the first hours of the race. However, over the whole distance of 404 laps, World Connect Competition had to overcome a few major setbacks, most of them as an innocent party, while putting the team into a position of a helpless bystander, incapable of reacting. If one were to put these incidents aside and take the words from the Team Manager: “Our pace was good enough to put [us] into the group of top three lap times, respectively best lap times during the night”,one can only imagine what could have been achieved by World Connect Competition during this race.

The final result of the 24 Hours of Magnificent Park shows World Connect Competition in sixth position, about 20 minutes adrift of GT2 race leader Team Monster LSR.

World Connect Competition scored enough points to finish fourth in the EIIC 2012 GT2 Championship, missing the podium by only one point. A total of 32 points puts the Team on rank 13 out of 48 teams in the general championship ranking.

Despite a few setbacks during the season, this surely was World Connect Competitions best result until today. Like Artur said: “It's a pity that we are one point short for the championship podium. But I see our progress from RDLMS to EIIC, and this motivates me even more.” Sentiments shared by third driver Richard who praised the performance of his team mates and stated his desire to compete in endurance series together later in the year. 
The World Connect Competition team wishes to thank everybody who was involved in EIIC 2012. This includes the participants, their teams, the creators, the admin-istration, the broadcasters, the providers, Endurance Inside itself and of course Enduracers for their great Mod (don’t let it die!), finally all those who have been forgotten but should be mentioned here.
See you on track soon!

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Round 2 of the Endurance Inside Intercontinental Cup 2012 was held at Road America, a famous road course located near Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, where the drivers and spectators were witness to a dramatic race lasting for 10 hours.

Having qualified 7th in class, World Connect Competition was able to leave the major field of competitors behind before entering the first corner of the race as the green flag flew to announce the race start. The following nine hours of racing ran as regular as clockwork for the Team, who eventually reached first position in GT2 class. However, pressure on the drivers of World Connect Competition increased significantly the closer they came to the ten hours mark. Only fifteen minutes before the end of race, the climax was reached and Artur Szykula of World Connect Competition had to defend the lead in class, only to be overtaken a few minutes before the chequered flag. His initial response was: "Second place is still more than we expected, but the appetite grows with eating!"

The whole Team of World Connect Competition is very proud of this achievement, which couldn't be done without careful preparation, a high standard of driving and reliability on track. Driver Richard Roberts said "we were right there and I am really proud of the job we did."

Read the full review of the EIIC 2012 Round 2 - 10 Hours of Road America, written by Richard Roberts,

The drivers of World Connect Competition are pleased to announce that the team has gained entry into the Endurance Inside Intercontinental Cup 2012. Once again, the sim-racing team is going to take their beloved Porsche 997 GT3 RSR out of the garage and race in the GT2 class. World Connect Competition is looking forward to some exciting on track action with 44 other teams and is hungry for success.

The first of three events will be held on Saturday, March 24th, 12:00 UTC (+1) and will feature a 12 hour Endurance Race on the legendary Sebring International Raceway.

Expectations of a good result are high as the team showed promising form during the test race at Paul Ricard HTTT.

World Connect Competition are to enter the Endurance Inside Championship (EIIC) in 2012 with a Porsche 997 GT3 RSR Evo. The entry will be contingent on winning a place through the practice round held at Paul Ricard High Tech Test Track on March 09th.

The team appeared in the Race Department Le Mans Series and at FFSCA Endurance-rFactor during last season competing with the Porsche 997 GT3 RSR Evo and Saleen S7 R with two best finishes of 4th in class. The hope is for 2012 that the experience of running the 997 and the strengthening of the driver roster through recent additions will allow the team to regularly compete for podium positions.

“We are attracted to the apparent high level of organisation and the level the drivers in the league, we are also looking forward to using the Race Connection endurance plugin which we were impressed with in our race at FFSCA Endurance rFactor” English speaking driver Richard Roberts said of the teams decision to pursue a place in the 2012 EIIC.

World Connect Competition will continue to sport its distinctive pink and white colour scheme.