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Round 2 of the Endurance Inside Intercontinental Cup 2012 was held at Road America, a famous road course located near Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, where the drivers and spectators were witness to a dramatic race lasting for 10 hours.

Having qualified 7th in class, World Connect Competition was able to leave the major field of competitors behind before entering the first corner of the race as the green flag flew to announce the race start. The following nine hours of racing ran as regular as clockwork for the Team, who eventually reached first position in GT2 class. However, pressure on the drivers of World Connect Competition increased significantly the closer they came to the ten hours mark. Only fifteen minutes before the end of race, the climax was reached and Artur Szykula of World Connect Competition had to defend the lead in class, only to be overtaken a few minutes before the chequered flag. His initial response was: "Second place is still more than we expected, but the appetite grows with eating!"

The whole Team of World Connect Competition is very proud of this achievement, which couldn't be done without careful preparation, a high standard of driving and reliability on track. Driver Richard Roberts said "we were right there and I am really proud of the job we did."

Read the full review of the EIIC 2012 Round 2 - 10 Hours of Road America, written by Richard Roberts,

5/21/2012 07:13:33 pm

I hope next race will be better :-).
It will be tough 24 hours for as, so clean racing would be a key to success.

6/4/2012 08:32:34 am

Dawaj Art ! Ciśniesz ! Wygrasz w tym prosiaku !

7/12/2012 07:40:08 pm



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